The cost of the translation is based on the number of pages. One page of normal translation is calculated as 1800 charters with spaces.

• written translation from Polish into Spanish or Catalan - 45.00 PLN
• written translation from English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Catalan - 50.00 PLN
• specialized translation from any subject from any other language into Spanish or Catalan, it will depend on the scope and difficulty level

We invite you to use our services in translation. We offer translation and interpretation services, spanish and catalan language courses, for group or individuals, business and students, and managers training. Translations are made concerning different areas, including: - legal and economic-commercial-advertising-marketing-different types of tourist-trade agreements-trade-offer-translation of business correspondence for the business include: trade agreements, draft agreements training materials, catalogs offer and other texts related to your business.

We have received training from INTERNATIONAL HOUSE-BARCELONA, known school where we receive wide Training & Translator Training.

We constantly enlarge the scope of rendered services and are open to any suggestions
Our offer is directed to companies, institutions and individual clients, both domestic and based outside Poland
We ensure the highest quality of translated documents, putting our best efforts to fulfill every requirements of our clients. During the process of verification we consult with experts from various fields on daily basis. Thus, when using the specific "slang", we are able to ensure the highest terminology coherence in delivered materials.